The NIE or “Número de Identificación del Extranjero” is a personal, unique and exclusive identification number that Spain assigns to foreigners. This number is required to perform a lot of actions and approaches in Spain, especially those related to the administration, social security, economic relations, taxes, etc.

The NIE is obtained in Spain by appointment in a National Police station, but also in Spanish Consulate in the Country of residence. The delay of obtaining the N.I.E. in consular authorities is longer, because the Consulates should transfer the files to the Spanish National Police.

The NIE request is performed through an application form available online at Spanish Ministry of Interior website, the payment of an administrative fee of approximately 10 euros for issuing the document, and the delivery of a document justifying the economic, professional or social reason of the NIE request as well as the original and the copy of the passport or the National identity card of the European Union.

Although this procedure of NIE obtaining does not present an excessive difficulty, it can sometimes be long due to the requested documents. For this reason, we recommend to contact a lawyer in order to accelerate the process of NIE Number obtaining.